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Working Principle of 1000 Watt Double Ended HPS

Working Principle of 1000 Watt Double Ended HPS

Luminescence Principle: When the bulb of 1000 watt double ended hps is turned on, an arc will occur at both ends of the electrode of the arc tube. The effect of this arc is that all the sodium and mercury in the arc tube are evaporated by heat and become sodium vapor or mercury vapor. The electricity emitted from the cathode end of the tube will impact and emit during the movement of turning to the anode. The resulting electro-atomic substances enable atoms to obtain electric energy and produce ionization to excitation level, and then turn back to stable state from excitation state; another is that the ionization state is converted to excitation state, then back to base pentane, and has been circulating indefinitely, so that the excess electric energy will be released in the form of light radiation, thus creating a light source of the high-pressure sodium lamp, which is the working principle of 1000 watt double ended hps.

The working principle of 1000 watt double ended hps is very simple, not as complicated as you think. The discharging substance produced in 1000 watt double ended hps, that is, the atom that promotes the generation of electricity, has a high vapor pressure, which can also be said to that the higher density of sodium atom is higher than the normal standard. Through numerous frequent collisions between electrons and sodium atoms, high-pressure sodium lamps broaden the resonance radiation spectrum and produce visible radiation in other spectra. So the light source color of high-pressure sodium lamp is better than that of low-pressure sodium lamp. The lamp of 1000 watt double ended hps belongs to high intensity gas discharge lamp. Because it is discharging through gas, the negative resistance of the bulb is relatively small. If the negative resistance bulb of this characteristic is connected to the circuit, its working state will be unstable. With continuous discharge, the current in the circuit will continue to rise until the parts of the lamp or power supply are burned out by high voltage.

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