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Technology that 630 Watt CMH Grow Light Owned

Technology that 630 Watt CMH Grow Light Owned

The 630 watt cmh grow light has intelligent ignition control. The integrated ignition control software will completely balance the electric traction by igniting one lamp at a time to prevent surges and spikes that may overload the main circuit and interrupt the system of the trip circuit. In order to further improve efficiency, this function is activated with our "soft start technology".

This full-circuit protection system of the 630 watt cmh grow light has a series of faults, such as open-circuit protection, short-circuit protection, over-voltage protection, under-voltage protection and over-temperature protection. During ignition, the ballast tests the circuit for 3 seconds. Once a fault occurs, the ballast will enter the protection mode to avoid damage to the ballast and the lamp.

The soft-start technology used in the 630 watt cmh grow light prevents the electric current from rushing to the lamp and the lamp from overloading to prolong the lamp's service life. When the ballast starts from cold, there will be a fixed delay of 3 seconds before ignition. After ignition, a series of random 0-2 second delays occur before the full brightness is achieved in about 3-5 minutes. Soft start technology is also activated when increasing and reducing the power of the lamp using the "intelligent step" function.

This 630 watt cmh grow light is equipped with a heavy-stroke system to prevent the ballast from re-striking the heat lamp after power failure. If a hot lamp is detected, the hit will be delayed by 60 seconds until the lamp cools enough to re-ignite. Then the ignition control is controlled by "intelligent start ignition control" and "soft start technology" software.

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