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Three Phases of 315w Ceramic Metal Halide Lamp

Three Phases of 315w Ceramic Metal Halide Lamp

315w ceramics metal halide lamp has attracted much attention because of its high luminous efficiency and small size. 315w ceramic metal halide lamp is filled with a small amount of metal halide and gas. It takes more than one minute from triggering to normal luminescence, which can be roughly divided into three stages.

Three stages of 315w ceramic metal halide lamp work.

1. Trigger phase. 315w ceramic metal halide lamp has no filament and only two electrodes. It can not be ignited directly with working voltage. It is necessary to ionize the gas in the lamp by adding high voltage first. The high voltage is generated by a special trigger.

2. Fire stage. After the lamp is triggered, the discharge voltage of the electrode further heats the electrode to form glow discharge and create conditions for arc discharge.

3. Normal luminescence stage. Under the action of glow discharge, the temperature of the electrode is getting higher and higher, and the number of electrons emitted is increasing, which rapidly transits to arc discharge. As the temperature rises further, the lamp emits more and more light until it is normal. The whole process takes more than one minute. If the starting current is large and the starting performance of the power supply is good, the process can be shortened.

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