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The Symptoms of 315w Ceramic Metal Halide Lamp reaching the Limit of Service Life

The Symptoms of 315w Ceramic Metal Halide Lamp reaching the Limit of Service Life

315w ceramic metal halide lamp is made of polycrystalline alumina ceramics, which is a translucent material. In fact, his transmittance is as high as 96-98%, more than glass and quartz, but because the linear transmittance is not more than 30%, it becomes translucent. This kind of ceramic material can withstand the high temperature over 200 ℃ higher than quartz, and the normal operating temperature after making arc tube can be as high as 1200 ℃. Moreover, its thermal conductivity is high, and the temperature distribution of the arc tube itself is more uniform, even at the cold end, it is above 900 ℃. Therefore, the metal halides filled in the lamp can evaporate sufficiently, which is the reason for the high and stable light efficiency and color rendering index of the ceramic metal halide lamp. The thermal and chemical stability of ceramic bulb shell is very high. It does not react with the material filled with arc tube, and there is no sodium leakage problem. Therefore, the lamp has stable performance, low light decay and long life.
Although 315w ceramic metal halide lamp has obvious advantages, no matter what product it is, it always has the day when its life expectancy expires.

Introduces the symptoms of 315w ceramic metal halide lamp's life reaching its limit.

1. The color of the lamp has changed obviously.
2. Significantly reduced brightness.
3. Cannot start the lamp again.
4. The lamp starts repeatedly by itself, which leads to the repeated extinction of the lamp.
5. The service life of lamps and lanterns has reached the prescribed upper limit.

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