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Technical Advantage of 315w Ceramic Metal Halide Lamp

Technical Advantage of 315w Ceramic Metal Halide Lamp

315w ceramics metal halide lamp has reached the best level of existing light source in terms of light efficiency, light flux maintenance rate, color rendering index, light color stability and life span, and meets the needs of economic and social construction and social development.
Ceramic arc tube can withstand higher temperature. The luminous efficiency of 315w ceramic metal halide lamp is 8-10 times of incandescent lamp, 5-6 times of halogen tungsten lamp and 1.5-2 times of compact fluorescent lamp.
High luminous efficiency: 15-20% higher luminous efficiency than common metal halide lamp.
High light flux maintenance rate: the light flux maintenance rate of the bulb can be maintained at more than 80% during its lifetime, so the maintenance cost of the bulb is low.
Long life: The average life of lamp is more than 50% longer than that of quartz metal halide lamp.
Positive color rendering performance: the color rendering index is more than 10% higher than that of quartz metal halide lamp.
Good stability:
During the working life of the bulb, the change of color temperature is maintained in the range of 200 K. Compared with quartz metal halide lamp, 315w ceramic metal halide lamp has good stability in light efficiency and color temperature.
Good matching:
Ceramic metal halide lamps can be equipped with conventional, similar specifications of quartz metal halide lamps or high pressure sodium electronic ballast plus triggers or electronic rectifiers. Therefore, it has good general performance and is easy to popularize and apply.

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