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Starting Mode of 600W Ballast for sale

Starting Mode of 600W Ballast for sale

The600W ballast uses electronic technology to drive the light source. It is light and small in size and easy to use. It should be used together with the lamp. It has many functions, which can be used to improve the frequency of current, current waveform, solve the problem of flashing fluorescent lamps, etc. There are three ways to start it: hot start, fast start and instantaneous start. In order to enable customers to better choose 600W ballasts, this paper will introduce three start-up modes.

Hot startup is also called flexible startup. The process of startup is to preheat the filament first. In this way, the influence of the number of times when the lamp switch is turned off is reduced, the phenomenon of blackening of the lamp tube is reduced, the service life of the lamp tube is prolonged, and the way of preheating plays a protective role on the lamp tube.

Instantaneous start-up uses high voltage to start the lamp tube. The starting voltage is as high as 800 V to 1200 V. Therefore, it can quickly complete the lighting, but it will cause the blackening of the lamp, accelerate the aging of the lamp, filament breakage, this kind of starting mode of lamp is cheap, suitable for places with fewer switching times.

Fast start-up is a process from start-up to lamp lighting. The voltage of filament is kept in a very low range. This kind of power consumption is more than the other two kinds of power consumption. Generally, series circuit is used in this way, mostly in cold weather areas.

These are three different start-up modes of 600w ballast for sale. We should choose the appropriate products according to the actual use place, so as to maximize the use of resources.

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