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Price of 600W Reflector HPS Lamps

Price of 600W Reflector HPS Lamps

600W reflector HPS lamp, with low power consumption, long service life and high luminous rate, is widely used in stations, airports, wharfs, parks and other places. There are many brands of lamps and lanterns with different prices. The 600W reflector HPS lamp adopts ceramic discharge tube, which has strong structure, good seismic performance, low maintenance rate of light, and can be flexibly dimmed. Later maintenance cost is low, color rendering performance is good, heat dissipation is low, light flux is high, the price of this kind of lamp is moderate. It uses sodium vapor and mercury vapor as discharge material to obtain electrical energy. In public places, it is cheap and widely used. In addition to the high-quality performance of lamps, 600W reflector HPS lamps also have stability, which greatly improves the lighting effect of lamps. Therefore, it is much better than other lamps in quality, so it will be more expensive in price.
Different types of sodium lamps are suitable for different lighting environments according to their respective characteristics. They are widely used in roads, airports, wharfs, stations, parks, streets, plant lighting, gymnasiums, exhibition halls, entertainment venues and other places, which bring convenience to people's life and production.

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