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Points for Attention in Use of CMH Grow Light

Points for Attention in Use of CMH Grow Light

CMH grow light can be used scientifically and reasonably to bring their advantages into full play. In order to improve the light efficiency of plant lamp, it is necessary to arrange the distance between plant lamp and plant at a proper scientific distance. After many scientific studies, it has been shown that the plant lamp should be installed directly above the plant. According to the power of plant lamp to determine the specific installation distance, the general plant lamp light generated by the heat of the plant itself is not affected, so close exposure to plants is no problem.
The duration of irradiation is determined by the growth period of the plant itself and the surrounding environment. If the light is weak indoors, the time needed to fill the light should be more than 5 hours, and the shortest time should not be less than 4 hours. Shadows and darkness need more light than 10 hours. In cloudy and rainy weather, the sun's illumination is insufficient. It takes more than 10 hours to make up for the illumination. Plant light supplement time is much longer than dormancy time. Generally, photosynthesis is carried out during the day and respiration begins at night, so light supplement time is in the daytime.
CMH grow light can only be used indoors, not outdoors, to avoid water, irrigation areas. Water is not allowed to touch plant lamps. Connect the power supply and do not touch the surface of the lamp when working. The ambient temperature of the CMH grow light is controlled below 65 degrees, and the temperature of the greenhouse is in the range of 25-28 degrees. In rainy days, power should be turned off. Under any circumstances, the illumination time should not be longer than 12 hours. If the lights are lit at night, the doors of the greenhouse should be closed to prevent insects and small animals.

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