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Plant Lighting Function of 630W Ceramic Halide Lamp

Plant Lighting Function of 630W Ceramic Halide Lamp

Plant lighting function of 630W ceramic halide lamp. Sunlight is an indispensable factor for plant growth, but it can not be controlled. Therefore, more and more people begin to recognize artificial sunlight, because it can artificially control the growing season of plants and completely shorten the growing time of plants.
The surface of 630W ceramic metal halide lamp seems simple, but it contains many optical and thermal principles. Generally speaking, plant growth lamps simulate sunlight to promote plant growth.
In order to provide enough light for plants to help them better photosynthesis, 630W ceramic halide lamps can be used to enhance light at any time of the day. Especially in winter, it can prolong the effective illumination time, make the plant grow in a stable and suitable environment for a long time, and grow healthily without the influence of external natural climate. It can continue to create an ideal growth environment for plants without ordinary light. At the same time, 630W ceramics metal halide lamp provides great convenience for cultivators. It can not only regulate the flowering and fruiting of crops, but also control plant height.

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