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Installation Method of 630W Ceramic Metal Halide Lamp

Installation Method of 630W Ceramic Metal Halide Lamp

630W ceramics metal halide lamp is a kind of advanced light source with long life, high light efficiency and good color rendering. The performance of LVD electrodeless lamp is similar, but the light source is different. The installation method is as follows:
1. Clean the exterior of 630W ceramic metal halide lamp gallbladder carefully with a spectacle cloth first. Do not leave any stains, so as not to leave stains on the glass at high temperature after turning on the lamp (preferably wearing gloves).
2. Find a small protuberance in the middle of the lamp gallbladder and face the small protuberance towards the direction of the reflector hood.
3. Hold one of the corners of the lamp-holder on the lamp-holder, pay attention to the grooves on the lamp-holder, and stick the protrusions on the lamp-holder correctly. Then squeeze outward slightly and clamp the other side of the bladder on the foot of the lamp. Then shake the bladder gently to check whether both sides are properly embedded in the protrusion of the lamp foot. Otherwise, it will affect the start-up.
4. Install the glass shield in place and turn on 630W ceramic metal halide lamp.
Note: The glass shield should be installed as far as possible. On the one hand, it can insulate part of the radiation heat, on the other hand, it can also protect the bulb from splashing water, resulting in explosion.

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