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How to Select 1000W Reflector HPS Lamp

How to Select 1000W Reflector HPS Lamp

It is suggested that consumers should pay attention to the following points when purchasing 1000W reflector HPS lamp:
1. To enter a regular store and buy a regular brand, you need a regular invoice.

2. Choose products with "three guarantees " commitment. According to the national standards, the luminous flux maintenance rate (luminous capacity) of 1000W reflector HPS lamp should not be less than 90% after 2000 hours of lighting. That is to say, when high-pressure sodium lamp is used for road lighting, it should be used for 10 hours every day, and it should be able to maintain more than 90% of the luminous flux for half a year. The average service life is more than 10,000 hours (different power varies), and the individual service life is more than 4,000 hours (different power varies).

3. Look three times before buying. Namely: a newspaper published high-pressure sodium lamp supervision spot check report, from which to select qualified brands; Second, look at the inspection report of high-pressure sodium lamp, especially check whether the maintenance rate of 2000 hours in the inspection report is qualified. Usually the maintenance rate is qualified, and the service life of the lamp will not be much problem. Third, to see whether the product logo is complete, regular products generally have registered trademarks, factory names, factory addresses, contact phones.

4. Check the mechanical strength of 1000W reflector HPS lamp head. The inspection method may be to hold the metal lamp head in one hand, the glass shell in the other hand, pay attention to the safety of the hand, wrap the lamp bulb in a thick soft cloth and twist it vigorously at the same time. If it is loose and falls off, it must be an unqualified product.

5. When purchasing, we must pay attention to the parameter matching of electrical accessories. Generally, the same brand lamp and ballast, trigger parameters matching is more appropriate, because the production enterprises have considered the product parameter matching.
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