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Development of Ceramic Metal Halide Light

Development of Ceramic Metal Halide Light

Ceramic metal halide light, as a kind of lamp with perfect function and superior performance, is actually developed on the basis of high-pressure sodium lamp and quartz metal halide lamp. Today, I will tell you about the development process of CMH lights.
In the mid-1960s, GE developed a translucent ceramic tube, but at that time the metal halide lamp had not been developed. By the early 1980s, the research and development of metal halide lamp was relatively mature, and its performance was constantly improved, which accelerated the speed of research and development. By the mid-1990s, metal halide lamps had come out, but compared with today's products, performance and technology are far from the same. People began to intensify the research on some key issues, new technology and new structure emerged constantly, which also improved the performance of ceramic metal halide lamps, and gradually increased the popularity.
CMH light can replace halogen lamp and incandescent lamp because of its excellent color rendering. The low power type has been widely used in many indoor lighting environments. Because of its excellent color rendering and long service life, the type of higher power has been widely used in airports, shopping malls, parks and other places. t present, ceramic metal halide lamps are widely used in North America and Europe. Especially in Europe, CMH lights can be seen everywhere.
In our country, we have realized that the performance of ceramic metal halide lamps is superior, and many enterprises have embarked on the road of research and development. However, compared with other light sources, the manufacturing process of ceramic metal halide lamps is more stringent. The global production of ceramic metal halide lamps is increasing at the rate of 30% per year, but it is still facing a shortage of supply and demand.

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