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Comparative Analysis Of 1000W HPS, 945W CMH And 216W T5

Comparative Analysis Of 1000W HPS, 945W CMH And 216W T5

The differences among the three can be distinguished from the spectrum, which is as follows:

High pressure sodium lamp

Ceramic metal halide lamp


Specific comparison is as follows:




Single lamp Lm outputs




Spectral analysis

focused on the wavelength of 580nm-680nm, partial red light

380nm-780nm relatively balanced

focused on the wavelength of 380nm-480nm, partialblue light

Light efficiency

150 lm/W

125 lm/W

80 lm/W

Plant growth

blossom and yield fruit

stem leaf growth

stem leaf growth

Suitable planting environment

GreenHouse: filling top light

GreenHouse: filling top light

Vegetable: filling light

High-pressure sodium lamps are concentrated in the long-wavelength section. With high lumen output and  efficiency, it can adapt to the high energy requirements of plants (especially when the plant is in growing and flowering period); CMH has a broader spectrum, but overall output and efficiency Lower than HPS, it can be used as a supplement to HPS or a demand for blue light (for example seedling period); fluorescent lamps are inefficient, light output is insufficient, and power is not as good as HPS and CMH.

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