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Common Faults of 600W Reflector HPS Lamps

Common Faults of 600W Reflector HPS Lamps

When the switch of 600W reflector HPS lamp is closed, the lamp does not turn on. This is because there is no voltage in the power supply, and there is short circuit and circuit breaking in the circuit. The switch is not in good contact, the power filament is fused or broken, the copper tongue inside the lamp bulb and lamp head is not in good contact, the internal wiring is loose and broken, and the voltage is too low. The quality of the 600W reflector HPS lamp itself is not turned off or damaged, and the ballast is broken.
The maintenance method adopted is to check whether the power supply is normal or not, and then locate it to the place where the short circuit occurs for treatment and repair. Circuit breaking is also the same treatment method. Next, check whether the switch is abnormal and the problem of poor contact occurs. To replace the new filaments in time, screw down the loose parts. If the bulb itself has problems, it should be replaced in time to reconnect the lost wires. New ballasts need to be replaced, and the copper tongue of the spiral lamp head is hooked out with a special small pen so that it can fully contact the bulb. 600W reflector HPS lamp appears too strong light, or instantly burns down and turns blue: It may be that the voltage is too high, the ballast is short-circuited, the quality of the bulb is too poor and the shell glass is damaged.
The maintenance method is: check the power supply and replace the new light bulb. When the lamp lights up instantaneously and then goes out instantaneously, it may be voltage instability, the influence of large power equipment nearby, and bad contact inside the lamp. Its maintenance method is to check the power supply first, which is the most basic step, but also the easiest to be overlooked, find the disadvantages, re-wiring.

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