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Characteristics of 600w Reflector HPS Lamps

Characteristics of 600w Reflector HPS Lamps

The whole discharge process of 600W reflector HPS lamp is first discharged at low pressure. After discharging for a period of time, the arc temperature increases, the liquid substance in the lamp tube evaporates into vapor state, and the electrons move with each other to obtain energy to generate ionization, and the lamp power increases. The temperature at the coldest end of the discharge tube determines the discharge pressure. When the temperature of the discharge tube tends to stabilize, the working voltage, current and power of the bulb are in normal state. Its structural materials are arc tube, lamp core, glass shell, lamp head, degasser, ballast and circuit system.
600W reflector HPS lamp has the characteristics of high luminous efficiency, low power consumption, long service life, strong fog permeability, high color rendering, low heat dissipation, no attracting insects, stable luminescence, safety, environmental protection, non-toxic and non-polluting. It is widely used in people's production and life, often used in road lighting, highway lighting, airport, wharf, station, square, street intersection, industrial and mining lighting, workshop, vegetable planting lighting, etc. With its own advantages, it is loved by the public. The price of 600W reflector HPS lamp is relatively moderate. Generally, it should be used in conjunction with ballast. Otherwise, it is easy to have difficulty in starting and cause the lamp to burn out. The high-pressure gas discharge used in the lamp tube has a high temperature, so it is necessary to cooperate with the use of heat-resistant lamps. In the design of lamps and lanterns, the heat dissipation performance of the lamps should be strictly considered, otherwise the temperature will rise and the lamp will burst.

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