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How much do you Know about Ceramic Metal Halide Lights?

How much do you Know about Ceramic Metal Halide Lights?

Nowadays, the technology of ceramic metal halide light and its performance are becoming more and more mature. It is widely used in all walks of life.
Ceramic metal halide lights use solid metal halides as luminescent materials, but also need to add a small amount of gas. As the ignition condition, the lamp tube is ignited, the substance is chemically reacted and discharged at low pressure. The heat energy generated causes the whole lamp body to be heated. Solid halides are heated to gaseous state and decomposed into atoms under the action of heat convection and high temperature. Electric field excites metal atoms to emit light, while other metal halides are decomposed at high temperature to form molecular luminescence.
Ceramic metal halide light is a kind of cold light source because of its high luminous efficiency and less heat generated during the luminous process. His color rendering index is high, the color temperature is high and the luminescence is very bright, but its service life is short, the required luminous materials and manufacturing process are complex, and special triggers need to be installed to help start. The design of flip-flop is in place, which can easily lead to too large start-up and too fast start-up speed, seriously affecting the life of the lamp. When designing flip-flop, we should fully consider its circuit design.

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