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Application of CMH Grow Light in Plant Lighting

Application of CMH Grow Light in Plant Lighting

As a kind of high voltage discharge tube, metal halide lamp has good brightness, strong smoke color and is the most similar lamp to sunlight. When there is a small space and a high-brightness lamp is needed, the metal halide lamp is the best choice. Because the bright metal halide lamp can clearly distinguish the Yin and Yang of the water tank, unlike the three-wavelength lamp tube which can illuminate the water tank on average, the metal halide lamp can create a more unique atmosphere.
HID lamp is the light source with the highest luminous intensity, which is very suitable for large-scale plant greenhouse lighting.
At present, the main agricultural HID lamps are metal halide lamps and high-pressure sodium lamps. CMH grow light emit a large amount of blue and ultraviolet radiation, which is usually used in plant growth stage, providing better spectra for vegetative growth and reproductive growth stage, and enriching the nutrition of light supplement products. At present, the development of CMH grow light technology makes its luminous spectrum more abundant in the red and blue-violet parts, and it has more spectral advantages as an agricultural lighting source. Red spectral light may trigger a greater flowering response of plants. If the ceramic halogen plant lamp is used in the vegetative growth stage, plants grow faster. At the same time, they can be mixed with metal halide lamp for full spectrum lighting in reproductive growth stage.
At present, in order to better achieve the effect of HID lamp agricultural lighting, CMH grow light is widely used in plant lighting supplement.

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