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After-sale Maintenance of 600W Ballast

After-sale Maintenance of 600W Ballast

The precondition of maintenance of electronic ballast is professional maintenance knowledge. After all, safety is the first priority. The company will guarantee after-sales maintenance of 600W ballasts.

Some common failures of 600W ballasts maintenance

The 600 watt ballast needs to remove the lamp tube before maintenance. Two circuit boards are taken out from the plastic cover at both ends of the lamp holder, which can be operated with the help of relevant maintenance instructions.

The most common failure of fluorescent lamp is that the lamp does not turn on and the lamp does not respond. Firstly, it is necessary to measure whether the RO is burned out. The ro has the function of insurance. If the current is too large, the RO will be burned out. The whole diode will be burned out. Generally, it is better to choose the 300 V capacitor withstanding voltage to ensure the safety of the capacitor. After making sure that the whole waveform circuit is in good condition, it is necessary to start checking the circuit until all possible fault components have been checked, and then remove them one by one to find out the cause of the fault.

The luminance of the lamp tube is insufficient, because there is a spiral aperture in the lamp tube, it must be that the current of the lamp tube is insufficient, and the aperture can not give normal light. Ro insurance is still burnt out because of soft breakdown at high voltage, so it is important to choose a transistor with high compression resistance. When the lamp turns red and its brightness is too dark, it may be that the performance of the lamp is not good and the poor quality lamp can not work properly. After the electronic ballast works steadily, after 10 minutes of electrification, it is normal to observe whether the temperature of the components is normal or not, and the slight fever is normal.
Our company guarantees the quality and professional maintenance of 600W ballasts for sale. Please rest assured customers.

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