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Advantages of CMH Grow Light

Advantages of CMH Grow Light

Compared with other HID lamps, the ultimate advantage of CMH grow light is its superior light quality, which is caused by several factors.
Firstly, CMH grow light has broader spectrum than other HID lamps. This is due to the nearly perfect unique combination of salts, halides and gases used in arc tubes.
The mixture produces a spectrum close to sunlight and produces an astonishing crisp white light. In fact, the color rendering index (CRI) of CMH grow light ranges from 90 to 92. The color rendering index of the sun is 100. HPS lamps range from 20 to 30. The closer the CRI is to 100, the closer the spectrum is to the sun.
In terms of light quality, CMH grow light includes plant favorite ultraviolet and infrared rays. Higher levels of ultraviolet radiation produce stronger, more woody stems. This means that your plant's growth and vitality will be unparalleled, especially in the nutritional stage, when growers use these lights with silicon dioxide supplements, they have achieved tremendous success.

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