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Grow Light Fixtures

Grow Light Fixtures

AZ outdoor&indoor grow light fixtures are composed of sate of the art electronic ballasts, high intensity discharge lamps and high efficient reflectors. The complete high efficiency grow lights we mainly offer now are 315w ceramic metal halide fixture, 630W ceramic metal halide fixture with 2 pcs of 315w CMH bulbs, 1000W double ended MH/HPS fixture, and 1000W internal reflector MH/HPS fixture working with specially designed bulb with built in reflector. They are available in various kinds of voltage such as 120V/208V/240V/400V/480V etc. for different markets and multiple applications. Besides, customized products are welcome. Our professional and highly qualified R&D team will make your idea into real professional grow lights.

Grow Light Fixtures Types

Features of Outdoor&Indoor Grow Light Fixtures

AZ Grow Light fixtures feature high efficiency, premium quality, long lifetime, energy saving and environment friendliness, the core components of which are from world-famous brands. High efficiency grow lights are manufactured under strict quality control from raw material to finished products, and comply with international standards such as UL, ETL and CE etc. All of these ensure the superior performance of AZ professional grow lights.

Application of Efficient Grow Lights

Grow light fixtures are widely used for horticulture, hydroponics, indoor gardening and plant propagation where there is either no enough naturally occurring light, especially in winter and at night, or where supplemental light is required. With the rapid development of agriculture, the demand of supplemental lights for plants has been rising sharply. HID Grow light fixtures play a great and significant role in supplemental lights, which brings lots of benefits to related industries.

The greenhouse makes out-of-season fruit and vegetables possible. What's more, when growlights are applied to the greenhouse, they shorten the time of plant growth and improve their quality. Efficient grow lights stimulate plant growth by emitting red and blue light, which shortens growth cycle, improves yield and makes the color of fruit, vegetables and flowers vivid and glossy.