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LED Plant Growth Lamp 315W

LED Plant Growth Lamp 315W

1.The input voltage of the 315w grow light is 100V-264V, which is suitable for the use of electricity in the world.

2.The revolutionary design of cooling outlet greatly improves the heat dissipation performance of the product, and the working temperature is 10-15℃ lower than the traditional temperature.

3. Intelligent detection system can automatically monitor the working condition of the whole lamp and report obstacles.

4. The 315w grow light adopts advanced isolation power supply. Its output voltage conforms to UL safety standard, which is lower than 45V DC. The power supply adopts soft start protection technology and buffer technology to prevent high voltage from damaging the lamp body and promoting plant growth.

5. The new product is lighter, easy to transport, having the modular design of full lamp, which is easy to maintain.

6. Modular assembly design, no glue, no glass, easy maintenance.

7. New fan technology, the life of the fan is longer, noise reduction is more than 50%.

8. The 315w grow light uses secondary lens, and the penetration of light is enhanced by more than 10-15 times (lens angle can be selected 90, 120 degrees).

9. The appearance of the product can be customized according to customers. The shell can be divided into red, black and white. The panel can be divided into red, black, silver and blue. The outlet can be divided into red, black, ivory white and grey.

10. High quality LED light source is used for 315w grow light.

11.Customers can use different proportion of beads according to different needs. The proportion we suggest is (white: blue) 2:1. Freshwater uses blue-white ratio to provide the required spectrum for aquatic organisms.

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