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Installation Method of 630 Watt Ceramic Metal Halide

Installation Method of 630 Watt Ceramic Metal Halide

Installation Steps of 630 Watt Ceramic Metal Halide:

1. Installation of 630-watt ceramic metal halide adopts high voltage instantaneous arc discharge to make the lamp gallbladder glow. Therefore, in the installation process, lamp holder and electronic ballast must be installed first. The ballast has two main functions: first, when the glow generator disconnects the circuit, it generates voltage, striking mercury vapor circuit in the pot lamp tube to make the filament circuit open and glow; second, it is The self-inductance electromotive force of the ballast impedes the change of alternating current, so that the current flowing through the lamp tube is not too large to burn the lamp holder.

2. Looking for the bulge. The 630 watt ceramic metal halide is different from the ordinary lamp. There is a discharge arc tube inside, which looks like a small bulge from the appearance. Find a small bulge in the middle of the bulb, and making the small bulge towards the direction of the reflector.

3. Clean lamp holder is relatively simple to install or replace 630 watt ceramic metal halide. Before installing lamp, the lamp holder must be cleaned first. When cleaning the lamp holder of 630 watt ceramic metal halide, the glasses cloth can be scrubbed carefully, and the stain should not be left as far as possible, so as not to leave stain on the glass at high temperature after turning on the lamp.

4. Installation of the lamp holder will be one of the corners of the lamp holder stuck on the lamp foot. Pay attention to the grooves on the lamp holder, correctly stuck on the lamp foot protrusion, and then slightly extrude the other side of the lamp holder and the same stuck on the lamp foot. Of course, if the lamp holder is a screwdriver, the installation is simpler, just like the screwdriver holder energy-saving lamp bulb, then installation is finished, namely, the lamp holder and the screw openings are connected, and then the knob is gently knobed to tighten the lamp holder, but line. Then we shake the lamp holder gently to check whether both sides are correctly embedded in the protrusion of the lamp foot. Then we turn on the switch to see if the lamp will be on. If not, check and debug step by step until the lamp holder is on.

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